Normandy format ministerial talks completed

The 'Normandy Quartet' foreign ministers have once again called for full compliance with the Minsk agreements and for providing the OSCE special monitoring mission with the new mandate, logistic support and financing.

This has been stated by French foreign minister Laurent Fabius on the results of today's meeting in Paris.

"We, the foreign ministers of France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine, call for the full and strict implementation of all provisions of the Minsk agreements, which include a ceasefire and the withdrawal of heavy weaponry," he said.

The ministers also called on all the parties to the conflict to provide the OSCE observers with the unimpeded access to all Donbas areas, where fighting occurred.

The 'Normandy Quartet' foreign ministers once again stressed the need for a political solution to the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Fabius added that the foreign ministers were ready to hold another meeting in Ukraine" if necessary."

The ministerial meeting on settlement the conflict in Ukraine lasted for more than three hours.


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