Killers of Ukrainian heroes to get deserved punishment — Poroshenko

So far, police have not done enough for holding liable those, who killed activists during the Revolution of Dignity.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has said this on ceremony of awarding family members of the Heavenly Hundred heroes.

"So far the police have not done enough to punish the killers. Not one person will still be held liable, but we can state that in recent months much more has been done than for the last year. So, it is possible, there are witnesses for the killers of Ukrainian heroes to get the deserved punishment," he said.

"As the President, I feel a tremendous responsibility to the heroes of the Heavenly Hundred, to your children and parents, brothers and sisters. They died for Ukraine to become truly independent, powerful and successful European state. This great dream, this national idea already comes true," the President assured.


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