U.S. warns Russia over support of separatists in Ukraine

The United States warned Russia on Friday that its efforts to bolster separatist fighting in Ukraine despite a cease-fire agreement were a direct threat to the "modern global order" and could bring additional costs.

"Russia's continued support of ongoing separatist attacks in violation of the cease-fire in eastern Ukraine is undermining international diplomacy and multilateral institutions - the foundations of our modern global order," U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

"We call upon Russia to honor its commitments immediately with decisive action before we see more cities decimated and more lives lost in eastern Ukraine," Psaki said at a daily briefing.

"We remain focused on supporting the implementation of these agreements, but we are watching closely," she added. "And if Russia and the separatists fail to implement the agreement, end the violence ... there will be additional costs."

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