Russia violates its obligations under Minsk agreements — Foreign Ministry

Ukraine welcomes the unanimous approval by the UN Security Council of the resolution 2202 (2015) concerning the situation in eastern Ukraine as of February 17, 2015. Taking into account the above said, it is the height of cynicism that such a draft resolution was submitted by the Russian Federation, which is grossly violating its obligations under [those same] Minsk agreements, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in a statement released on Wednesday.

"Taking advantage of Ukraine's observance of the ceasefire, the militants, supported by Russia, have been building up their offensive in Debaltseve. The Russian side is consistently blocking the execution by the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission of its mandate to monitor the situation. Russia continues to supply weapons on the territory of Ukraine," reads the statement.

The Ukrainian diplomats said they welcomed the "immediate reaction of the Security Council, which in its statement before the vote on the resolution expressed concerns about the continuing attacks on Debaltseve."

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry also "calls on the international community to undertake all measures to ensure an immediate and complete ceasefire, and unconditional implementation by Russia and the militants it supports of the Minsk Protocol dated September 5, 2014, the Minsk Memorandum dated September 19, 2014 and the set of measures to implement the Minsk agreements signed on February 12, 2015."


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