Russia submits resolution to UN Security Council to substitute Minsk Agreements — media

Russia will try to "push" through the UN Security Council its own version of the resolution on Donbas, which does not coincide with the Minsk Agreements, Press AV journalist Andrei Vasilyev has told Ukrainian television's channel

According to him, Russia is trying to place all responsibility for the peace process on Ukraine only. The Russian version of the resolution also requires that Ukraine should be the first side to withdraw its troops 50 kilometers back from the front line after the ceasefire. In addition, Moscow also wants to completely absolve itself of promises made in Minsk and demands the right to send its so-called humanitarian convoys to Ukraine.

"However, all the members of the Security Council know the consequences of these humanitarian convoys. Of course, the Russian version of the text will not work," he said.

According to Vasilyev, if Russia continues to insist on its version of the resolution, the U.S. and the UK ambassadors can use their vetoes to block it.


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