US Senator McCain harshly criticizes new Minsk truce agreement

The U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ), Chairman of the US Senate Armed Services Committee, believes that a new agreement reached in Minsk, Belarus, will enhance freezing of the Ukraine conflict and force the world community to believe Putin's lies again.

This news is stated in the statement made by the legislator that was published on the official Senator's website, the Ukrinform's own American correspondent reported.

"The agreement reached in Minsk freezes the conflict at a time of separatist advantage, solidifies the gains of Russian aggression, and leaves Ukraine's border with Russia firmly under Moscow's control pending a comprehensive political settlement whose content is unknown and feasibility is unclear," said the legislator.

Vladimir Putin should be extremely pleased with this agreement, McCain says. "By changing the military facts on the ground, he has succeeded in forcing a discussion of truce lines inside Ukraine's territory, rather than the only line that truly matters - the Ukrainian border he violated," the official said.

According to McCain, the previous Minsk deal had also demanded a withdrawal of heavy weapons, but Russia had failed to comply with the term. "There is no reason to believe the result will be any different this time. Under the last ceasefire, Russian-backed separatists attacked and captured the Donetsk airport. I fear under this ceasefire, they will attack and capture the port of Mariupol," said the senator.

According to him, the agreement can be successful only if all parties really want peace. "But it is abundantly clear that Vladimir Putin is committed to conflict," McCain said.

He noted that he continues to hope for a political solution that will restore Ukraine's sovereign territory and the right to determine its own political and economic future. However, the decision "never be achieved through concessions to Vladimir Putin's imperial ambitions."

McCain stressed that while Putin was negotiating the truce deal at night, 50 tanks, 40 MRLS trucks and 40 armored vehicles crossed the Ukrainian border from Russia.

"Some (in the US Administration- Ed.) will use this deal as excuse to delay sending defensive lethal assistance to Ukraine. But as long as Vladimir Putin negotiates peace while sending in tanks, that need still exists," said the US Senator.


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