Ukraine forces primed for fresh assaults as separatists mass around Debaltseve and Mariupol

Russian separatists have intensified assaults on Ukraine government forces on all fronts and appear to be massing troops and hardware for fresh attacks on Debaltseva and the coastal town of Mariupol, according to the Ukraine military. A number of Ukranian soldiers have been killed and 26 wounded in the ongoing violence. Ukraine’s military spokesperson Volodymyr Polyovy addressed the world’s media:” Through parts of the state border, which is not under Ukrainian control there is an active flow of weapons, ammunition and fuel from supply the rebels. We have seen an increase in the number of tanks, armoured vehicles, multiple rocket launchers in around Debaltseva and Hranitne.” Both Moscow and the separatists continue to deny any Russian involvement in the conflict.

“Another peace agreement is useless and we don’t need it because it will only favour the Ukranian side. Yes we do have the Russian forces emblem, on our uniforms, because the uniform came from Russia. We don’t have uniforms here. Actually we are Novorossiya, New Russians. There are no Russian troops here,” said a separatist fighter in rebel held village of Vuhlehirsk.

The number of casualties and displaced people continue to mount as the violence, which broke out last April, shows no sign of ending.

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