Klimkin explains threats of breaking diplomatic relations with Russia

The break of diplomatic relations with Russia will not help Ukraine achieve its goals to solve Donbas crisis and return Crimea, foreign minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin has said in an interview ZN.ua.

"In case of break of diplomatic relations, the negotiations will be conducted exclusively through intermediaries. I doubt that this situation would be the best way," he said.

Klimkin is sure that "there is no alternative to a political solution to Donbas conflict and return of Crimea."

In addition, the minister said that the need for a political settlement was also the position of the entire civilized world that supported Ukraine. Without this support, for Ukraine alone it would be more difficult to repel Russian aggression.

"Russia should be an integral part of the solution to problem. That is why Russia together with Ukraine and the OSCE is a part of the tripartite contact group. If we break diplomatic relations, it will destroy the existing format of negotiations and jeopardize the Minsk agreements, the scenario sought by "DPR" and "LPR" terrorists," Klimkin said.


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