Merkel not sure of success of Moscow meeting with Putin

German chancellor Angela Merkel is not sure of success of her joint visit with French president Francois Hollande to Kyiv and Moscow.

The head of the German government has said this, speaking at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, an Ukrinform correspondent reports from Germany.

"After yesterday's talks in Moscow, it remains unclear whether they have completed successfully," Merkel comments on results of the visit.

At the same time, she stressed that "the attempt is worth of effort anyway." Merkel has noted that this is the least they owe to the affected people in Ukraine - to try to find a way out of the crisis. She once again has expressed the conviction that "the crisis cannot be solved by military means."

Merkel has criticized Russia's actions in the Ukrainian issue, stressing that the principle of inviolability of borders on the European continent is strict and must be respected by all. "None of us are interested in the new division of Europe," she has said. At the same time the chancellor has noted that the structure of European security should be built with the participation of Moscow. However, in her opinion, the NATO should play the dominant role in ensuring security.


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