Le Figaro writes on federal solution to Donbas crisis. President"s administration denies

German and French proposals for peaceful settlement of Donbas crisis include additional provisions of non-alignment and federalization of Ukraine, Le Figaro French media writes, citing its own sources.

"According to preliminary information, the Franco-German plan on conflict settlement should ensure the neutrality of Ukraine and a 'federalization solution' that will freeze the conflict in the east," reads the article.

Le Figaro suggests that the measure of success of Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande remains to be respect for the Minsk Protocol and effective implementation of each of the twelve items, including the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine and termination of the arms supplies to separatists.

However, spokesman for the President of Ukraine Sviatoslav Tseholko has emphasized that the issue of federalization was not raised at yesterday's talks between Poroshenko, German Chancellor and French President.

According to Tseholko, Poroshenko has stressed that Ukraine is and will remain a unitary state.


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