Fifteen U.S. senators ask Obama to immediately provide Ukraine with weapon

Fifteen U.S. senators, representing both parties in Congress, have written the open letter to U.S. President Obama urging him to immediately provide Ukraine with defensive military equipment.

The text of the letter is available on the website of one of the initiators, Senator Rob Portman, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

"Working with our NATO allies, the United States must implement a comprehensive strategy to support Ukraine, deter Russian aggression, and help maintain stability in the region. Unfortunately, sanctions alone are unlikely to deter Putin. As such, Ukraine needs an immediate infusion of effective defensive military equipment and financial aid to thwart Putin's naked aggression," reads the letter.

Senators note that Ukraine is in critical need for anti-tank weapons, counter-battery radars, armored Humvees, and increased training to defend its territory and its citizens.

"The bipartisan Ukraine Freedom Support Act, which passed the Congress in December, authorized tighter sanctions and such military equipment. We urge you to take such steps without delay," U.S. lawmakers note in the letter to Obama.


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