Immigrant shopkeepers targeted in South Africa, and Ukrainians donate to their army

The Observers present a collaborative weekly news show produced exclusively with content provided by amateurs.

Story 1: South Africa

We begin this week in Soweto, the historic township that is now part of Johannesburg. Almost all the residents are black South Africans, and a recent incident exposed tensions between some of them and foreigners who have opened up stores: A Somali shopowner shot and killed a teenager he said was trying to rob him. That provoked days of unrest in which locals looted several dozen stores owned by outsiders. Our Observer was there.

Story 2: Ukraine

Next, to Eastern Ukraine, where the Ukrainian army have been battling pro-Russian separatists for nearly a year. Their task is complicated by rampant corruption - soldiers often have to fight without critical equipment, which has simply 'gone missing.' The government, in desperation, has asked civilians to make donations. Our Observer runs a Facebook page called Help the Army of Ukraine.

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