NATO predicts deterioration of situation in eastern Ukraine

KYIV, February 4 /Ukrinform/.NATO headquarters say they expect a noticeable deterioration of the situation in the area of the anti-terrorist operation in Donbas, and note that Russian armed forces are engaged in the armed conflict.

NATO official said this during a meeting with journalists, the Yevropeiska Pravda online newspaper reported.

"Russia is ready to support the conflict in Ukraine until a political solution that will suit Moscow will be offered. And this is the root of the problem ... No one knows how long the conflict in Ukraine will last, and how it will be resolved. But there is every reason to expect that the security situation in the east of Ukraine will get worse. And not only the events of recent days, but also earlier data provide evidence for this," the representative of the Alliance said.

He also noted that Russia is increasing its participation in the conflict.

"Increase in the Russian presence in eastern Ukraine clearly shows the possible deterioration of the situation, and we have reliable evidence to confidently assert that the Russian army is on the separatists' side," he said.


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