Ukraine"s Parliament passes amendments to law on prisoners of war

The Verkhovna Rada passed amendments to the law On Defense of Ukraine concerning solving issues with treatment of war prisoners and interned persons during a special period on Tuesday.

During the vote, 283 Members of Parliament supported the law, Ukrinform reports.

As noted in an explanatory note to the legislation, the purpose of the law is to define ministries, central and local executive bodies and law enforcement agencies for special operations at the legislative level authorized to collect, guard and provide for prisoners of war and interned persons during a special period.

During his speech from the floor in the Rada, First Deputy Defense Minister Ivan Rusnak noted that in accordance with the provisions of this law, the right to establish procedures for the implementation of measures dealing with prisoners of war and interned persons in a special period is granted to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Besides, the law will make it possible to implement the current Ukrainian legislation in compliance with international law norms.


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