Germany and Hungary refuse to send weapons to Ukraine

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime-Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban eliminated the possibility of supplying weapons from their countries to Ukraine.

They told at a joint press conference in Budapest, Hungary, on Monday, the Ukrinform own correspondent in Germany reports.

"We will not back Ukraine by sending weapons," German Chancellor said.

Hungarian Prime Minister also gave a negative response to the journalist's question.

"My answer to your question will be only in one word: no," he said.

According to Angela Merkel, she is "deeply convinced that this conflict can't be solved by military means." Therefore, Chancellor said, on the one hand the EU relies on sanctions policy; on the other hand it relies on the diplomatic path out of the crisis.

The leaders of Germany and Hungary highlighted the importance of "expeditious" establishment of a real ceasefire in eastern Ukraine. As Merkel said, Berlin and Budapest are united in their position that the Minsk agreement is a "good starting point to achieve a stable situation in which the territorial integrity of Ukraine will be guaranteed."

«Germany will continue to make efforts to accomplish this," she said and specifically focused on the importance for the EU to follow a common policy regarding the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. "The strength of Europe lies in our consensus" she stated.


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